Daddy Long Legs Cubensis

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The Daddy Long Legs Cubensis are quite a unique strain of psilocybin mushroom, indigenous to the Fraser Valley region of Vancouver, BC – where the best examples of this unique fungus are still grown today.

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose): Noticeable boost in energy and creativity. Maintains control and lacks visual effects.
  • 0.5-1G (Low Dose): Sensation of being light as air, akin to drifting on clouds.
  • 1G-2G: Enjoyable Psychedelic Experience: Expect abundant laughter, engaging conversations, a noticeable body buzz, and an overall positive atmosphere.
  • 2G-3G: Traditional Psychedelic Journey: Alters your sensory perception, leading to new thoughts and feelings. The experience can be quite dynamic and immersive.
  • 3G-4G: Intense Psychedelic Adventure: A profound and powerful high, potentially leading to a deep cosmic connection.

The above recommendations could vary for each person. We recommend starting with a low dosage!

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Product Description

Daddy Long Legs Cubensis Magic Mushrooms: A Potent Blend of Visual Splendor and Euphoric Experience

Daddy Long Legs Cubensis, a unique strain of Psilocybe cubensis, has gained significant attention for its potent and distinctive psychedelic properties.

Indigenous to British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, these mushrooms are named for their resemblance to the Daddy Long Legs spider. Cultivated since the early 1990s, they offer a blend of visual splendour and euphoric experience, making them a sought-after choice for enthusiasts.

Origin and Cultivation

Daddy Long Legs Cubensis mushrooms have been part of the natural landscape for thousands of years, but their cultivation as a distinct strain began in the early 1990s.

Originating from the Fraser Valley, these mushrooms have been carefully cultivated to enhance their unique properties, ensuring freshness and potency for users.

Appearance and Characteristics

Daddy Long Legs Cubensis mushrooms are easily recognizable by their characteristic long, thin stalks and typically small caps.

This distinctive physical trait not only adds to their visual appeal but also signifies their robust genetic makeup, setting them apart from other Psilocybe cubensis varieties.

Daddy Long Legs Shrooms Effects and Experience

Users of Daddy Long Legs Cubensis report a classical ‘shroom experience characterized by deep body buzzing, a desire to socialize, heightened feelings of love, and strong visual stimulation.

At higher doses, users experience intense colours, pattern immersion, and waviness, along with strong euphoric notes, making Daddy Long Legs Cubensis a popular choice for both group experiences and personal exploration.

Popularity and Usage

The Daddy Long Legs Cubensis strain has surged in popularity due to its balanced blend of spiritual and euphoric effects. Ideal for social settings, these mushrooms are known to induce laughter and feelings of unity.

They are also suitable for microdosing, offering benefits like increased focus and motivation.

Dosage Recommendations

While Daddy Long Legs mushrooms are potent, they are approachable for both beginners and experienced users. Dosages range from microdoses (0.25 grams) for subtle effects to strong doses (2.5 – 5 grams) for a more immersive experience.

Beginners are advised to start with lower doses and to be cautious of mixing with other substances.

Pacific Shrooms Team Conclusion

Daddy Long Legs Magic Mushrooms offer a unique and memorable psychedelic experience.

Their distinct appearance, combined with their potent effects and ease of use, makes them a valuable variety for both experienced psychonauts and newcomers.

Whether for personal exploration, spiritual growth, or socializing, Daddy Long Legs Cubensis provides a profound journey into the world of psychedelics.

Want to find your perfect dosage? Explore our easy-to-use Mushroom Dosage Calculator and personalize your experience today!

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Daddy Long Legs Cubensis
    March 14, 2024
    Haven't had this much fun with Magic Mushrooms since highschool
    0 0
    Kyle Tonner
    November 22, 2023
    got an ounce and have tripped twice and has been enjoyable :) thanks pg!!
    0 0
    February 27, 2023
    Really potent shrooms great high
    0 0
    Daddy Long Legs Cubensis
    Brandie Corallini
    September 27, 2022
    Must try
    These are perfect for camping trip. Definitely does the job. You will Enjoy this one!
    1 0
    September 5, 2022
    If I could give these a 6 star rating I would. They are sorta like the Duracell Rabbit, they just keep going and going and going! Great vacation
    1 0
    September 4, 2021
    Great strain! Especially as its native to British Columbia! Really enjoyed microdosing this strain. Very relaxing and calming buzz.
    2 0
    Brandon Revoy
    July 15, 2021
    These were the best out of the 4 strains I ordered from Pacific Shrooms! They hit me almost instantly and kept me laughing and amused for hours to com...More
    These were the best out of the 4 strains I ordered from Pacific Shrooms! They hit me almost instantly and kept me laughing and amused for hours to come. I tried 2G due to being a Shroom noob, for sure getting these again!
    4 0

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