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Phantasia - Lemon Tek Tea


Phantasia - Raw Psilocybin Capsules 7 x 500mg


Phantasia - Raw Psilocybin Capsules 30 x 100mg


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Phantasia - Raw Psilocybin Capsules 14 x 500mg


Phantasia - Mega-Dose Peace Signs 5x400mg


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Phantasia - Mega-Dose Peace Signs 10x400mg


Phantasia - Mega-Dose Peace Signs 20x400mg


Phantasia - Micro-Dose Dancing Bears 10x100mg


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Phantasia - Micro-Dose Dancing Bears 20x100mg


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Phantasia - Micro-Dose Dancing Bears 50x100mg


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Product Description


Every psychedelic adventure is special, providing unique opportunities to energize or relax the mind depending on your desired outcome.

Phantasia has curated a wide range of experience-based psilocybin products meant to enhance any moment.

Explore the mild yet enticing microdose or dive headfirst through the doors of perception with a macro.

Incorporate easy-to-use capsules throughout your daily regimen or treat yourself to a lemon tek tea or chocolate bar after hours — the possibilities are limitless

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