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Dive into the world of Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms, a unique P. cubensis variety with a reputation for delivering a user-friendly psychedelic experience. 

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose) Subtle Increase of Energy and Creativity. No Loss of Control or Visuals
  • 0.5-1G (Low Dosage)  Featherlight feeling, Floating on Clouds
  • 1G-2G Psychedelic Experience, lots of laughter, lots of conversations, a body high, and good vibes
  • 2G-3G Classic Psychedelic Trip. Your perception changes, you’ll feel, and think differently. The trip may be a whirlwind
  • 3G-4G Extreme Trip. The Intense high and trip, you may connect with the universe

The above recommendations could vary for each person. We recommend starting with a low dosage!


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Product Description

Experience the charm of Hillbilly Magic Mushrooms, a strain rooted in the moonshine history of Arkansas. Developed by the forum username “Hill Billy,” this strain emerged on mycology forums in the early 2000s, showcasing its resilience and rapid colonization.

The charm of hillbilly’s lay in their appearance and distinctive features. The mushroom flaunts a flat, shallow crown, reminiscent of a curled bottle cap. Its vibrant orange center gracefully transitions to a nearly-white hue at the edges, creating a visually striking appearance.

The stem complements the cap with a slightly smaller diameter. Starting thicker towards the tip, it gracefully tapers down as it reaches the base of the mushroom. 

Explorers of the Hillbilly often describe their journey with soft and pro-social language, emphasizing feelings of euphoria, friendliness, giggles, and gentle effects. Recognized for inducing more laughter and fewer challenging experiences, Hillbilly mushrooms are often recommended for those new to the psychedelic realm. 

While some users may encounter visual elements during their Hillbilly trip, Hillbilly mushrooms have been known to be considered more as the ideal “microdose” shroom. Hillbilly mushrooms invite users to explore the realms of consciousness, guided by the individual’s set, setting, and unique brain chemistry.

However, similar to any other psychedelic, it’s crucial to exercise mindfulness when consuming Hillbilly Cubensis mushrooms, considering your personal limits.

Want to find your perfect dosage? Explore our easy-to-use Mushroom Dosage Calculator and personalize your experience today!

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