Pacific Shrooms – Microdose Vegan Capsules 15 Count x 200mg


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Pacific Shrooms Microdose Vegan Capsules are great for any indoor or outdoor activities. They will enlighten all senses & get you in touch with your spiritual self, boost creativity, aid with addiction, PTSD, alleviate anxiety & much more.

As a result, micro-dosing medicinal mushrooms is a relatively new phenomenon but has gained a loyal following amongst very diverse people, including entrepreneurs, athletes, stay-at-home parents, those struggling with anxiety or depression, and just about anyone who’s looking to enhance their cognitive wellness.

15 Capsules x 200mg

Try one capsule (200mg) for a beginner micro-dose which will come with a light to the moderate psychedelic experience.

Allow 30-60 minutes for full effect before another dose is considered.


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Product Description


Society has become so focused on work and as a result, we as individuals have forgotten the importance of paying attention to our own health and wellness.

From trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance, the human body gets inundated with stress and anxiety. Integrating the magical effect of Psilocybin extract in your everyday routine will help you to attain the ideal state of mind as it helps to bring a sense of peace and positivity.

Once you get your hands on these Pacific Shrooms Microdose Vegan Capsules, you will experience numerous benefits such as a high level of creativity in your work, a sense of peace, heightened spiritual wellness, enhancement of senses, lower social anxiety, feeling more energetic and cheerful and various other health benefits.

These magical psilocybin capsules also prove to be medically beneficial in treating conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, smoking or drug addiction, stress, social anxiety, depression, and enhancing cognitive wellness.


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1 review for Pacific Shrooms – Microdose Vegan Capsules 15 Count x 200mg

    Joanne Stone
    October 13, 2021
    These capsules have sure been a game changer!!! Thanks PS.
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