Phantasia – Raw Psilocybin Capsules 7 x 500mg

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Raw capsules offer a pure, unfiltered psychedelic experience providing a baseline for your unique journey.

Take them on their own or stack them with other Phantasia capsules to build the perfect experience for any occasion.

Explore the vast expanse of the mind or relax and recharge — the choice is yours alone.

Start your psychedelic experience off right with the Raw capsule by Phantasia.

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Product Description

The psychedelic lifestyle is not one-size-fits-all.

There are many ways to tailor each journey, depending on what type of outcome you seek. Phantasia has created two varieties of experience-driven capsules designed to inspire imagination, boost overall health, and relax the body and soul.

Our consistent and convenient caps are sure to elevate any moment.

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1 review for Phantasia – Raw Psilocybin Capsules 7 x 500mg

    June 5, 2022
    good sized capsules that make it easy to hit the right note and stack with other products
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