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Embark on an incredible ride once you let Yeti magic mushrooms take you to the cosmos – with intense audio and visual hallucinations that are unparalleled by any other strain!

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose): Noticeable boost in energy and creativity. Maintains control and lacks visual effects.
  • 0.5-1G (Low Dose): Sensation of being light as air, akin to drifting on clouds.
  • 1G-2G: Enjoyable Psychedelic Experience: Expect abundant laughter, engaging conversations, a noticeable body buzz, and an overall positive atmosphere.
  • 2G-3G: Traditional Psychedelic Journey: Alters your sensory perception, leading to new thoughts and feelings. The experience can be quite dynamic and immersive.
  • 3G-4G: Intense Psychedelic Adventure: A profound and powerful high, potentially leading to a deep cosmic connection.

The above recommendations could vary for each person. We recommend starting with a low dosage!

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Product Description

Yeti Magic Mushrooms: A Mystical Journey Awaits

Embark on an extraordinary psychedelic adventure with Yeti Magic Mushrooms, a unique strain that epitomizes the innovative spirit of modern mycology.

Originating from the renowned Albino A+ lineage, these mushrooms offer more than just visual appeal; they are a portal to profound, introspective experiences.

Creation and Genetics

The genesis of the Yeti strain is a testament to the art of genetic selection, tracing its roots to the Albino A+ strain.

Renowned for its striking appearance and potent effects, the Yeti inherits these characteristics, making it a sought-after variety among both connoisseurs and enthusiasts.


Yeti Magic Mushrooms distinguish themselves with their distinctive physical traits. Their pale, almost ethereal coloration, coupled with a ghostly white hue, sets them apart.

The caps, often round and bulbous, tend to flatten with maturity, while the thick, sturdy stems provide robust support.

Potency and Effects

Yeti Magic Mushrooms are recognized for their strong psychedelic impact. Users frequently report a profound sense of connection, enhanced sensory perception, and deep introspective thoughts.

The experience can vary from euphoric and enlightening to deeply spiritual, influenced by the dosage.


Cultivating Yeti Magic Mushrooms is both a rewarding and accessible endeavour.

Known for their resilience and adaptability, they flourish in a variety of substrates and conditions, making them an excellent choice for growers of all levels of experience.

Experience the Yeti Magic

Yeti Magic Mushrooms are your gateway to a world of profound wonder and discovery. Ideal for those seeking a spiritual journey, deep introspection, or a unique visual experience, they promise an exploration into the depths of consciousness.

Want to find your perfect dosage? Explore our easy-to-use Mushroom Dosage Calculator and personalize your experience today!

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Yeti

    Kyle Tonner
    June 21, 2023
    took all 3.5g and felt super warm inside, a happy high and the most id taken at a time
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    Robert Shakespeare
    June 20, 2023
    If you want open and closed eye visuals this is your huckleberry. I was in another universe for a solid 6 hours. Felt a bit crappy the next day which ...More
    If you want open and closed eye visuals this is your huckleberry. I was in another universe for a solid 6 hours. Felt a bit crappy the next day which doesn't normally happen, but neither does visiting a different plane of existence.
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