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Embark on an incredible ride once you let Yeti magic mushrooms take you to the cosmos – with intense audio and visual hallucinations that are unparalleled by any other strain!

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose) Subtle Increase of Energy and Creativity. No Loss of Control or Visuals
  • 0.5-1G (Low Dosage)  Featherlight feeling, Floating on Clouds
  • 1G-2G Psychedelic Experience, lots of laughter, lots of conversations, a body high, and good vibes
  • 2G-3G Classic Psychedelic Trip. Your perception changes, you’ll feel, and think differently. The trip may be a whirlwind
  • 3G-4G Extreme Trip. The Intense high and trip, you may connect with the universe

The above recommendations could vary for each person. We recommend starting with a low dosage!

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Product Description

Dare to explore the inner depths of your mind and embark on a thrilling adventure with Yeti Magic Mushrooms. This ultimate strain is the perfect combination of classical shroom characteristics but with its own unique psychedelic experience

Yeti magic mushrooms provide an incredibly clear state of mind while packing an intense psychedelic punch! You’ll experience clear-headed thoughts as your journey begins, and enjoy waves of strong open-eyed visuals and intensified closed-eyed visions as you go deeper within yourself.

This strain is perfect for those who want to truly immerse themselves in the wonders that psychedelics have to offer and go beyond your ordinary reality.

With its unique effects, Yeti is a much more potent option than other magic mushrooms, making it all too easy to get lost in the flashes of colors you’ll experience at higher doses. Even at lower doses, you’ll be overcome by waves of bliss as natural beauty takes over your vision – whether that be from sitting inside or braving it outdoors.

No matter what, stay connected throughout your journey by allowing yourself to connect deeply with Earth and others sharing your experience.

Propelled by a surge of heightened emotions, such as openness, clarity, insight, introspection, and connection with the universe; this strain gives psychonauts old and new an experience like no other.

Find enlightenment or simply experience pure joy – it’s all possible with Yeti magic mushrooms. It’s time to take flight with one of nature’s most powerful offerings!

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Yeti

    Kyle Tonner
    June 21, 2023
    took all 3.5g and felt super warm inside, a happy high and the most id taken at a time
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    Robert Shakespeare
    June 20, 2023
    If you want open and closed eye visuals this is your huckleberry. I was in another universe for a solid 6 hours. Felt a bit crappy the next day which ...More
    If you want open and closed eye visuals this is your huckleberry. I was in another universe for a solid 6 hours. Felt a bit crappy the next day which doesn't normally happen, but neither does visiting a different plane of existence.
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