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Zilla shrooms are potent magic mushrooms that cause vivid hallucinations, altered consciousness & intense spiritual experiences; they are sought after for recreational & spiritual purposes.

  • 0.2-0.5G (Very Low Dose): Noticeable boost in energy and creativity. Maintains control and lacks visual effects.
  • 0,5-1G (Low Dose): Sensation of being light as air, akin to drifting on clouds.
  • 1G-2G: Enjoyable Psychedelic Experience: Expect abundant laughter, engaging conversations, a noticeable body buzz, and an overall positive atmosphere.
  • 2G-3G: Traditional Psychedelic Journey: Alters your sensory perception, leading to new thoughts and feelings. The experience can be quite dynamic and immersive.
  • 3G-4G: Intense Psychedelic Adventure: A profound and powerful high, potentially leading to a deep cosmic connection.

The above recommendations could vary for each person. We recommend starting with a low dosage!


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Product Description

Discover the Majestic Power of Zilla Shrooms

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Zilla Shrooms, a unique and potent variety of magic mushrooms known for their robust effects and profound depth.

These magic mushrooms stand out in the world of psychedelics for their ability to deliver a powerful yet remarkably clear-headed experience.

Experience the Intensity and Clarity

Zilla Shrooms are celebrated for their intense visual enhancements and deep, thought-provoking insights. They offer a full-spectrum psychedelic experience that is both intense and enlightening.

Ideal for both seasoned enthusiasts and curious newcomers, these shrooms promise an unforgettable journey into the depths of your mind.

A Journey of Euphoria and Profound Insights

With Zilla magic mushrooms, you can expect a journey filled with vibrant colours, profound euphoria, and a heightened sense of connection to the world around you. They are perfect for those seeking a powerful spiritual experience or an adventurous exploration of their inner self.

Zilla Mushrooms: A Choice for the Bold and the Curious

Whether you’re looking to delve into deep introspection or enjoy an exhilarating psychedelic adventure, Zilla Shrooms are your gateway to an extraordinary experience.

Their unique properties make them a top choice for anyone looking to explore the vast potential of magic mushrooms.

Want to find your perfect dosage? Explore our easy-to-use Mushroom Dosage Calculator and personalize your experience today!

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2 reviews for Zilla

    Brandie Corallini
    June 15, 2023
    Likes these a lot. Colors and nature buzz
    0 0
    June 4, 2023
    Nice mushrooms with a decent potency. I liked them!
    0 0

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